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1 September 2020
It is important to note that students who are going to spend more than 180 days in Hong Kong are required.....


29 June 2020

The Immigration Department (ImmD) introduce a newly launched online service for applications in relation to the .....


  • All students without the right of abode/right to land in Hong Kong must apply for a student visa for the purpose of education from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD).

  • Student visa applicants are required to have a local sponsor. While admitting to HKU, you are required to nominate Admissions Office of the Registry to be your local sponsor.

  • It is the responsibility of individual students to make appropriate visa arrangement before they come to Hong Kong.

Base on the travelling passport/Exit-Entry Permit you are holding for entry into Hong Kong, please select the follows to start the online visa application:
Image by Sigmund
Image by Sigmund
Image by Sigmund
Image by Sigmund

Step 1 : Applicant receives a conditional/confirmed offer of admission*

Step 2 : Applicant prepares the required documents and proceed with the online visa application

Step 3 : Applicant uploads all the required documents and settles an application fee

Step 4 : Admissions Office checks the documents

Step 5 : Applicant uploads revised or outstanding document(s) (if required)

Step 6 : Admissions Office confirms the documents

Step 7 : Applicant sends the complete set of application documents to Admissions Office by courier/registered mail

Step 8 : Admissions Office submits the application to ImmD

Step 9 : ImmD processes the application in 8-10 weeks and releases results

Step 10 : Applicant may need to upload additional document(s) during the process

Step 11 : Applicant confirms address for delivery of the visa label/entry permit

Step 12 : Admissions Office sends the visa label/entry permit by courier

*Applicants with are strongly advised to apply for an entry for study visa as soon as a conditional admission offer is received. The Firm Admission Offer Notice/Email copy should be sent to us later when available..
*Upon a visa/entry permit is granted by ImmD, the visa/entry permit label is to be collected by the Admissions Office for onward transmission to you. However, the visa/entry permit label will ONLY be sent after you have submitted a proof of your Firm Admission Offer to us.

  • The processing of Entry for Study visa application will take 8-10 weeks upon receipt of a complete set of application documents. The actual processing time could be longer for individual cases, especially if your set of documents is incomplete.You are advised to apply for the visa as soon as possible after accepting an offer of admission to study in HKU.

  • For Mainland Chinese applicants, you should reserve additional 2 weeks to apply for an Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao (EEP) (港澳通行證) and the relevant exit endorsement (逗留D簽).

  • The Entry for Study visa application fee is HK$990. The fee is non-refundable under all circumstances. You are required to settle the fee using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Unionpay).

Sample of Entry Student Visa and Landing Slip for Student

Under normal circumstances, students should possess the following items before they could study in this university:


(a) An Entry Student Visa Label + A Landing Slip for Student
  1. Admissions Office will not be responsible for any delay/cancellation/rejection in your student visa application.

  2. The visa fees paid are non-refundable under any circumstances.

  3. All content in this website may be updated at any time without prior notice.

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