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  1. Mainland students who will hold the “Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao”(EEP)【往来港澳通行证】 as their travel document, and will enter Hong Kong directly from Mainland China should read carefully this page and apply the entry for study visa via the online application system indicated below.

  2. Apart from the entry for study visa, Mainland applicants should apply for an EEP (if applicable) and a relevant exit endorsement 【逗留D簽】from the Public Security Bureau where the household registration is kept 【備存戶口登記的公安局】. This procedure will take approximately 2 weeks. All applicants MUST follow this procedure and bring along the properly endorsed EEP together with the visa/entry permit label to enter Hong Kong in order to activate the student visa.

  3. Students who failed to obtain a valid student visa/entry permit and use travel visa or travel endorsement on the EEP (附有個人游(G)/團體游(L)簽注) to participate in any classes, tutorials and other academic-related activities will be regarded as illegal.

  4. If you are holding a Chinese passport and currently residing in an overseas country with a permanent residency, you may apply as an overseas student here or contact here, however this arrangement is for students admitting to an exchange or summer/short-term study programme only.

+ New Visa Application – A first-time applicant applying for a visa for entry of study in Hong Kong
+ Visa Re-application – An applicant who has applied for a visa for entry for study in Hong Kong before but would like to apply for a visa for entry of study again. (E.g. A student, who had completed an undergraduate programme in Hong Kong, has to apply for a visa for entry of study again since he/she has registered for a postgraduate programme in HKU.)
+ Visa Renewal – An applicant who will continue his/her study in HKU while his/her existing visa has expired. (E.g. A student whose visa has expired prior to the end of his/her leave of absence during the studies.) & Part-time applicant who would like to continue his/her current study. (E.g. Leave of absence during the studies, or a part-time student need to renew his visa for his/her second-year study).
Click below to access the Online Student Visa Application System:
  1. AAL will not be responsible for financial and any other loss arise from application failure or delay due to incorrect information or documents provided by the applicant.

  2. The visa fees paid are non-refundable under all circumstances.

  3. All content in the website may be updated at any time without prior notice.

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