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  1. Application via Chinese Embassy is not applicable for students pursuing part-time, elective or short-term programmes, and students from Taiwan and other specified countries.

  2. For any documents which are not in Chinese or English, a certified translation in Chinese or English is required.

  3. The completed ID995A form, together with the full set of supporting documents should be sent to the Admissions Office (G14, G/F, Main Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong) by courier/registered mail.

  4. If you are a Mainland China citizen, you should apply here or contact here.

  5. Please click here to access the application timeline and click here to access the application guideline.

  1. A completed ID 995A form - Download Form - Sample Form

  2. A copy of your complete set of offer of admission

  3. A copy of your CV or resume (履歷表)

  4. A copy of your Taiwan identity card

  5. A copy of your passport (make sure the validity of your passport is long enough to cover your whole study period; otherwise you will need to apply for visa extension at least 4 weeks before your visa expires)

  6. A copy of your household registration in Taiwan (台灣戶籍謄本)

  7. Copies of your academic proofs (e.g. certificates, testimonials, official transcripts, etc.) (學歷證明或在學證明複印本)

  8. Copies of financial proofs (to demonstrate that you have adequate means to finance your stay in HK) (e.g. latest bank statements in English / Chinese, award letter(s) of financial aid or scholarship, etc.)

  9. A signed personal statement on reasons for studying at The University of Hong Kong and plans after completion of studies

Additional documents required:

[For applicants under age of 18]

  • A signed form of nomination of guardian with a copy of parent's passport (and guardian's HKID copy, if any) (one of your parents should authorize a relative / friend in Hong Kong or the University to be your guardian)

[For applicants pursuing part-time study]

  • A signed study and travel plan

  • A class timetable

  • A copy of ‘Declaration of Identity for Visa Purposes' (入境身分陳述書) issued by the Notary of Public

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  1. Admissions Office will not be responsible for financial and any other loss arise from application failure or delay due to incorrect information or documents provided by the applicant.

  2. The visa fees paid are non-refundable under all circumstances.

  3. All content in the website may be updated at any time without prior notice.

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