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Overseas students




  1. Non-local students should apply for a replacement of visa/entry permit if the exiting one is lost or damaged.

  2. Students must report to the Hong Kong Police and obtain a loss report memorandum before applying to Admissions Office, the Registry for a supporting letter. Under normal circumstances, the supporting letter should be ready for collection within 3 working days (excluding the day you submitted an application) upon receipt of the complete set of documents through the online application system.

  3. If you have lost your passport, you also must report to your consulate in Hong Kong and apply for a new passport.

  4. After receiving your new passport, you will visit the Extension Section of the Immigration Department and apply for replacement of your student visa label with issuance fee incurred.

  1. A copy of your travel document with latest Hong Kong visa label/entry permit and landing slip

  2. A copy of loss property report memo from the Hong Kong Police - Sample Form

  3. *A copy of your new passport/travel document

  4. *A copy of your Hong Kong Identity Card (if any)

  5. *A copy of your HKU Student Card (if any)

  6. *A copy of your offer of admission letter issued by HKU (if any)

  7. *A completed application form (ID405) and application fee; - Download form

*to be submitted directly to the ImmD

Click below to access the Online Student Visa Application System:
  1. Admissions Office will not be responsible for financial and any other loss arise from application failure or delay due to incorrect information or documents provided by the applicant.

  2. All content in the website may be updated at any time without prior notice.

For enquiries, please click here.

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